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Sarah Masaki

'The Odyssey Collection' by Michael Benisty

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Artist : Michael Benisty

Title : 'The Odyssey Collection'

“The creation and installation of these massive sculptures became my odyssey, a voyage of self-discovery, like a spiritual awakening, that would completely change the course of my life.”

Shot over the course of 5 years, the film features striking footage of all of Michael Benisty’s large scale sculptures installed between 2018-2022 in the Nevada desert.

Mixing visuals shot during the Burning Man festival, where thousands gather to celebrate life and love around these works, to moving visuals shot in an empty desert during the pandemic lockdown. 

The film denotes an important physical journey. One which is filled with excitement, joy, loneliness and plenty of adventures. 
Combining themes of humanity, spirituality and nature, these works became communal places for others to engage in global dialogue without barriers. 
The Odyssey collection features a unique 1/1 full length NFT at 6m40s.

Medium : NFT