An immersive live art event celebrating togetherness and joie-de-vivre at Bagatelle Mayfair on 2 March 22.

Art Advisor and Curator Sarah Masaki debuts a culturally enriching happening that traverses the senses and illuminates the creative process. The uplifting show unites some of today’s most prolific visual artists who’ve blurred genre boundaries into fashion and music.

Contributions come from artistic giants Brian Eno and David Bailey, besides pop culture phenomenons Sara Pope and Tyler Shields. For one night, cult restaurant Bagatelle will transform into a photographer’s set, with those who stay for dinner invited to join a live photo shoot by acclaimed celebrity photographer Derrick Santini (collected by Damien Hirst and exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery). The interactive shoot experience will result in the creation of an NFT. In collaboration with Imitate Modern gallery, the spirit of the evening celebrates the power of conviviality in the wake of recent social fragmentation and brings us closer to a brighter world through renewed creative connections.


Bagatelle is celebrated for its classic convivial atmosphere and exquisite French Riviera cuisine. Brunch, lunch, or dinner at Bagatelle means being invited to enjoy a table of epicurean joie de vivre. Dishes are sophisticated, generous, and authentic, created by chef Rocco Seminara, previously at Hotel de Paris and Hotel Byblos Saint-Tropez. For In the Eye of the Beholder, photography, set design, lighting and music will combine with Seminara’s culinary expertise for a high-pleasure multi-sensory experience.


Bagatelle recently appointed Sarah Masaki as London art curator and with this immersive evening she starts as she means to go on, hosting gatherings and installations that transport and illuminate through cultural experiences. The restaurant group, which has locations all over the world, is dedicated to its affiliation with art and integrates both fine arts and subcultural genres into its venues. 

Exhibitions rotate every 3-4 months, each launching with a participatory event. As an art advisor Sarah has collaborated with leading London galleries and curators for many years, showcasing blue-chip artists and emerging talent at unique and memorable pop-up venues across Mayfair, Chelsea, Art Basel Miami, and Art Monaco – among others. 

On this new collaboration Masaki says: “I was drawn to Bagatelle for its legacy of welcoming people in such a way that they feel uplifted. With Covid I felt like we all need some joy and beauty back in our lives. Since the start of the pandemic we’ve all had time to reflect and we’ve collectively experienced unimaginable grief. Now more than ever we are facing sweeping mental health issues, so I wanted to create a show that would take people on a journey to re-experience and remember how it is to be enveloped in a joyful realm. I want every beautiful evening curated at Bagatelle to serve as a place to feel free”.


Charitable giving is paramount during these times. For this event Sarah Masaki collaborates with 1001 Stories, an ethical luxury shoe brand that supports refugee artisans in Jordan through the UN Livelihood Program. 1001 Stories will unveil an installation of their striking collection, with designs available to purchase on the night. In addition, a portion of proceeds from art sales at the event will fund initiatives including the Make-A-Wish Foundation supporting children with critical illnesses, Rugby Portobello Trust working with vulnerable families in West London, and Kay Mason Foundation providing educational scholarships for young people in need.

  • ’Infinite Way’ by Emmanuelle Rybojad

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    ’Infinite Way’ by Emmanuelle Rybojad’Infinite Way’ by Emmanuelle Rybojad
  • 'Antares & Love II' by Joe Webb

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    'Antares & Love II' by Joe Webb
  • 'DJ Returns' by Joe Webb

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    'DJ Returns' by Joe Webb'DJ Returns' by Joe Webb
  • 'Stirring Up a Storm' by Joe Webb

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    'Stirring Up a Storm' by Joe Webb