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Sarah Masaki

'Intertwine' by Zahra Mascolo

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Artist : Zahra Mascolo

Title : 'Intertwine'

Medium : Oil on canvas

Size : H60.95 x W45.72 cm

Original work


Zahra Mascolo’s most recent series celebrates the Chelsea Flower Show, renowned as the world’s greatest flower show. Her paintings are inspired by the lush natural scenes of her family’s vibrant garden in London. Zahra drew upon the seasonal flowers in various stages of blooming and captures the fleeting beauty and freshness of flowers. Her paintings represent the early stages of a flower’s life cycle, celebrating their initial burst of life and encapsulating their most radiant and full potential, immortalizing their brief yet striking presence.

About the artist : Zahra Mascolo is a London-based artist known for her evocative still life paintings. Of Italian and Portuguese descent, her Mediterranean heritage influences her art with rich textures, vivid colors, and spirituality. Starting her artistic journey at age four, this early exposure to the arts was nurtured by her parents, and her father who was a proficient painter himself, instilled in her a profound appreciation for the sensations and memories evoked by everyday objects.

Through her paintings, Zahra highlights the often-overlooked beauty of simple objects, sparking creativity and appreciation. Her art invites viewers to reflect on their own memories, emphasizing the intrinsic value found in the mundane. Zahra draws inspiration from Impressionist masters like Cézanne, Monet, and Degas. Her work, characterized by visible brushstrokes and dynamic compositions, primarily features oil paints to create light-filled still lifes that celebrate spring and summer. She explores themes of memory and nostalgia, using vibrant colors and layered paints to evoke continuity and connection.

Zahra has earned a degree in Art History and Curating from Manchester School of Art and is now pursuing an MA at the Royal College of Art in London, while also attending a curating course in Venice, Italy.


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